Welcome to Gwang Lee’s Lab




Gwang Lee, PhD


Department of Physiology and molecular biology

Ajou University Medical Center

Research Interests: Nanotoxicology, Parkinson’s disease,
 Human mesenchymal stem cell, Integrated omics

contact: 031-219-4554 (Office); 031-219-4555 (lab)

E-mail: glee@ajou.ac.kr


Lab members


Balachandran Manavalan
Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Interests: Protein structure prediction,
  Applying machine-learning methods to solve biological problems,
 Simulation of biomolecular systems.
E-mail: bala@kias.re.kr


Tae Hwan Shin
Postdoctoral researcher
Research Interests: Nanotoxicology
E-mail: catholicon@ajou.ac.kr


Da Yeon Lee
Master Student
Research Interests: Bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell
E-mail: ekdus93@ajou.ac.kr



Hyung Jin Park
Undergraduate Student
Research Interests: GC-MS analysis
E-mail: solocookie@hanmail.net


Moon Suk Jin
Undergraduate Student
Research Interests: 
E-mail: exstier@gmail.com




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